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A proud made-in-Manitoba company, Con-Restor Technologies began in 2005 and has since become a trusted provider of commercial concrete restoration and structural repair, specializing in balcony and parkade repair and restoration. In addition, we have expertise in concrete slab foundation, parking deck coatings, control/expansion joint caulking, waterproofing coatings and removal, masonry, railings, pressure grouting, and drywall.

Our Services


Whether you need full balcony concrete slab replacement or simply localized concrete repairs, we have experience in slab edge, slab topside, soffit and through-slab repairs. We then coat the restored slab with a waterproofing system to protect against water infiltration, maximizing the longevity of your building envelope.


We perform all scales of parking garage restoration, from full concrete slab replacement (including new steel reinforcement) to localized concrete repairs related to sealant and expansion joint failure, concrete cracking, spalling or delamination, corrosion of reinforcing steel, rust stains, water damage and leaks.


Our selection of traffic-bearing coating systems – including Epoxy, PMMA, PUMA, Polyurethane, and Polyurea – will waterproof, protect, and improve the look of your concrete surfaces while providing reinforced structural support against cracking and failure.


We pour new and repair existing concrete slab foundations for your home or business – including T-shaped, slab-on-grade, and frost-protected foundations – designed to withstand Manitoba’s extreme weather.


Big or small, we provide the skills and experience necessary to restore the look and function of your building with efficient, cost-effective solutions and execution. Our services include everything related to concrete components, waterproofing, water control systems, masonry, expansion joints, polyurethane crack injection, architectural coating and painting, urethane/epoxy coatings, and future-proofing service and maintenance.

Control and expansion joint replacement

We install, repair, and replace expansion joints in existing concrete buildings, parking structures, and large facilities, working closely with trades to ensure that the location, spacing and size of expansion joints are correct and appropriate for their intended use.

Waterproof coatings, traffic membrane application

Waterproofing is vital to maintaining the structural integrity of a building and its finished spaces. That’s why we provide an extensive array of waterproof membranes to protect foundation walls, parking garage decks, masonry walls, balconies, electrical rooms, elevator shafts, pools, rooftops and more against reinforcement corrosion, mold/algae, spalling, and low indoor temperatures.

Caulking of window
and building envelopes

Sealing windows and exterior elements of any structure is critical to ensuring proper insulation, air quality and moisture control. We can help repair and maintain your building to make sure you’re preserving the longevity of your premises and protecting it from damage due to moisture and mold, excessive energy costs, and more expensive repairs down the road. 

Masonry and re-pointing

Noticing degradation near downspouts, beneath window sills, around doors or stairs, or on lower parts of walls? It’s only going to get worse. Trust our experts to help identify and solve any masonry-related issues by cleaning out damaged bricks and replacing them with new ones and well-matched mortar. Left unchecked, spalling can greatly affect the stability of a wall and lead to far costlier fixes later on.



Con-Restor has recently incorporated a Drywall Division, expanding from its prior exclusive work in Concrete Restoration

Our Work


291 Goulet

Complete rehabilitation of balconies. NEW BALCONIES. NEW LOOK.

1790 Portage

Complete rehabilitation of balconies. NEW BALCONIES. NEW LOOK.

480 Charles

Complete rehabilitation of balconies. NEW BALCONIES. NEW LOOK.

Hear from our Clients

"Con-Restor Technolgies’ attention to detail as well as maintaining schedule makes them very easy to work with."

We have worked on multiple concrete balcony renovations projects as well as parkade and pool remediation projects with Con-Restor Technologies and every project has been completed on time and on budget, with the owners always providing ecstatic reviews and referrals. Con-Restor Technologies attention to detail as well as maintaining schedule makes them very easy to work with. Shop drawing submittals, product data and their knowledge base on the restoration of concrete and protection for long term durability is the key component of their business, and it shows. We always look forward to the opportunity to work together on the next project.

Cory Pelletier P.ENGLavergne Draward & Associates

"I would highly suggest any individual or company to contact Con-Restor for a quote and confirm their competitive price.
“I have been a client of Con-Restor for over three years now. I have found Paul and his team very helpful in looking for personalized solutions to keep our schedule and cost on track, even with the surprises of renovation projects. I would highly suggest any individual or company to contact Con-Restor for a quote and confirm their competitive price.”

Victor VerdolinProject Manager

"I highly recommend Con-Restor Technologies for any organization looking for efficient and reliable contractors."
“Con-Restor Technologies completed the 203 balconies and walls repair project for a 23-storey building at 134 Smith St, Winnipeg. The structural repair work was extensive. Con-Restor Technologies has a great team of specialized labour in concrete restoration. The project was in a building entirely inhabited by tenants and during the most critical wave of COVID-19 in 2020. Despite the restrictions and problems this caused, the Con-Restor Technologies team managed and completed the work within the predetermined deadlines. They have been particularly obliging when managing unpredictable conditions and potential change plans. Their courtesy, their experience and their knowledge are impressive. In addition, Con-Restor Technologies completed twenty-four additional projects at the 134 Smith St. building. They were done with the same professionalism, and efficiency, on time and within budget, and the results exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Con-Restor Technologies for any organization looking for efficient and reliable contractors”

Sylvie BolducPrésidente Les Entreprises de Rénovation S.R.G.M. Inc