Concrete balcony repairs are conducted via swing stages or scaffolding. Performing repairs via a swing stage is more cost-effective; however, this method has been proven to be a slower process and is very dependent upon the weather and especially wind conditions. Using scaffolding for repair is more expensive but is a far quicker method not dependent on most weather and wind conditions. Both methods can achieve the desired results.

Railings & Concrete

Con-restor offers a variety of railings and colour that can be chosen by the owners of the property.

The amount of concrete removal depends on the level of deterioration of the reinforcing steel within. Every site is unique regarding concrete removal. Some are confined to the balcony perimeter and others have top surface and soffit (underside) repairs. Typically, most sites have a combination of perimeter, top surface and soffit repairs.

The extent of the concrete delamination’s can be severe resulting in the total removal of the balconies. In severe instances, jackhammering continues into the interior of units. This is not common but can occur after decades of neglect.

Protective coatings are recommended for the surfaces and perimeters of balconies.

Concrete balconies are an investment and can add flair and style to any building which in turn can increase the value of any property. Balconies come with several advantages including the ability to maximize living space while connecting the interior of a home to the outdoors and they should be reviewed on an ongoing basis by a professional engineering consultant. Maintenance repairs or a major restoration must be conducted if recommended by a trained professional. Periodic reviews after restorations are recommended to ensure that the work carried out is performing as expected.

The consequences of not adhering to an engineered program are severe. Falling concrete, no matter the size can significantly injure anyone residing or walking below. Building owners and those responsible for managing properties should allocate funds accordingly to ensure that balconies are seen as both an attractive addition to their respective buildings and a safe space for tenants to enjoy.